What Have Horse Riding Accidents Got to Do With Your Business?

i’ve simply been analyzing a file on accidents regarding horses, produced by the British Horse Society. It deals with accidents involving other parties, which incorporates road injuries. a lot of it’s far aimed at the driving fraternity, as you might assume, but I think  of the findings have implications all of us need to remember, even in case you by no means cross near a horse. they are especially well worth thinking about, precisely due to the fact they are no longer what most of the people, such as myself, would count on.

First, let us also word on of the findings which got here as no marvel to me, but might to you.

most injuries occur on minor roads in the nation-state.

· Of course that is partly because that is where you locate maximum horses.

· it could also be due to the fact a few horses react to site visitors higher when there is a regular float than while a car appears .

· On united states roads there are often no pavements or verges to get onto out of the way of threat.

· There are loads of bends on minor country roads so motorists can not see horses, or other dangers, till they’re near them.

Now let us remember the 2 sudden records the report threw up:

1. The time of most avenue injuries is among 11 a.m. and three p.m. properly away from the rush-hour.

2. The worst month for such accidents is June, while you’ll think horrific weather would be less possibly than in most of the year.

So why is this?

the short solution is that no person is aware of.

but we are able to attempt to speculate intelligently. let us ask ourselves some questions.

· Are there more horses on the roads on the times their riders do not forget safest, regardless of the reality that such a lot of people need to trip earlier than or after paintings or faculty maximum days?

· Do extra people ride in June due to the fact it’s far extra quality?

· Are riders less vigilant due to the fact they do not anticipate a lot visitors at the ones times?

Now right here are a couple of actually vital questions:

1) Do a number of riders experience without high-visibility garb while visibility is good? i have occasionally been driving and visible horses being ridden on the street best whilst i was quite near. excessive-vis might have helped me to note them and so gradual down sooner.

2) Do motorists force faster and pay less interest while there may be less visitors?

Are you still thinking what this has to do together with your enterprise?

Ask your self those three questions:

· Do you take much less care while you assume the risks are lowest, in any scenario?

· Do you now not bother with threat controls, e.g. high-vis apparel, when you assume it may not rely?

· Do you’ve got information on injuries or different dangers in you enterprise? Do you examine them?

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