What are the signs of a weak immune system?

Do you feel fatigued often, or have random episodes of diarrhoea or catch a cold now and then? It may mean that you have a weak immune system. There can be several other symptoms too, and so are the reasons behind it.

There can be many factors responsible for your weakened immune system. From high-stress levels to not getting enough sleep, it can be anything. And making just some mere changes to your lifestyle can boost your immunity a lot.

The below-mentioned signs are just a handful of the causes, which might be the reasons behind your weakness.

You feel tired most of the time

There can be some reasons because of which you might be feeling exhausted. However, a weak immune system might be one of them if you have stomach upsets quite often or achy joints. If you think this way even after getting enough sleep, if the feeling of tiredness does not seem to go away even after a good rest, your immune system is trying to give you some signals.

Cold does not seem to leave you ever.

Irrespective of the time and change in weather, if you end up catching every round of cold that comes around, something fishy is going on with your immunity. Two or three bugs a year are entirely normal. But if you are unable to get rid of cold even after consulting with several doctors, a weak immune system might be one of the problems which you are not considering actually.

You have continuous digestive problems.

70 per cent of your immune system tissue is located in your digestive tract. And if you are facing issues like bloating, gas or diarrhoea, it might be because your immune system is unable to combat them ultimately.

These symptoms are a sign that your immunity is quite low than the normal, and thus you are automatically more vulnerable to get chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders and infections. Your immune system is compromised due to some issue. Consult with a doctor and find a remedy as soon as possible.

You have high-stress levels

Are you working for long hours for weeks? Are you tensed due to some unfinished office work? Irrespective of whatever the reason is, you need to find out why you fall sick just after completing some important work. Maybe you are overthinking unnecessarily and pressuring yourself with too much workload.

However, you need to realise it too, that stress weakens your immune system. And if you do not stop gambling with your body, you are not going to feel energetic ever again. Boost up your immune system and stop stressing about petty issues.

Your wounds take more time to heal

The skin opts for damage control mode just at that moment when you cut your hand or get a burn. Your body sends nutrient-rich blood to the injury, which helps in regenerating new skin. But why are your wounds taking more time to heal?

Your immune system might have become sluggish, and maybe that is what is hindering your skin from helping you to heal within the average span. Do not let your wounds linger and eat a properly balanced diet and make some changes to your routine so that you can boost up the immunity.

Your immune system is the first step which is to be taken care of properly to have good health. And it is your responsibility to protect it from unnecessary problems to maintain healthy hygiene. Buy health insurance online to keep your future safe. Exercise regularly and make some other changes in your lifestyle too, which will strengthen your immunity.

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