Weight Loss: 4 Tips That Can Take Working Out At Home A Notch Higher

Weight loss: Home workouts are here to stay, but only if you are consistent. Here are some tips that can make working out at home more effective and intense.

Weight loss: Home workouts are here to say, believes fitness trainer Vinod Channa. 2020 was the year of lockdown, when people were forced to remain indoors and do everything, from work to workout, in their homes. Working out at home is effective because there are no excuses that you can make, asserts Channa. You can workout anytime, anywhere you want, without spending any time or money on gym membership. By now, all the people who have switched to home workouts exclusively, may have basic equipment like a pair of dumbbells, resistance bands, pull-up bar, etc installed in their homes.

Several fitness trainers and experts are now available via video calls to train their clients. What’s more, fitness experts like Kayla Itsines, Channa, Rujuta Diwekar and many others regularly share tips and tricks to make home workouts more intense and effective.

Here are some tips that can make home workouts more effective for you

1. Stay consistent and avoid boredom

“The key to becoming and staying fit is consistency. And consistency only comes giving your workouts your hundred percent, all the time,” says Pratik Sud, Co-Founder & CEO Synq.Fit. Make sure you include a variety of workouts in your routine to avoid monotony and boredom. “Try out a High Intensity Interval Training (better known as HIIT) workout if you’re bored of weight lifting or switch out the same old theraband exercises for a fun dance routine,” adds Sud.

2. Find an exercise partner

Having a workout buddy can be a great way to exercise consistently without taking any breaks. It’s far easier to change your mind and skip a workout if you’re working out alone. When working out with a partner, you are less likely to find excuses and more likely to motivate each other to achieve your fitness goals. “You also get the chance to share fitness tips and make sure your form is not incorrect,” explains Sud.

3. Track your progress

Use a journal to track your progress. Seeing your improvements acts as a great motivator to keep going and working harder to achieve better goals. Tracking your progress can also help you determine if the workout that you’re doing is suiting you and your needs, or not. “It is important to remember that your progress may not be as quick as you’d like but you should have pride in what you have accomplished, nonetheless,” Sud adds.

4. Invest in portable equipment

Good quality equipment is crucial when you are looking for a diverse range of workouts. Start small with a good yoga mat and then expand your collection. As mentioned above, you can have basic fitness equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, foam roller, pull-up bar, etc at home, to make your workouts effective and retrieve more from working out at home.

Well, what are you waiting for? Put on your favourite playlist and employ these great tips to turn your home into your fitness haven!

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