Vaccinated? Why do you still need to build your immunity

The vaccination drive is in full swing in India, and the government is trying to vaccinate the entire country before the year-end. But, once vaccinated, do you still need to focus on building your immunity? Absolutely yes! Medical authorities, wellbeing experts, and health insurance companies encourage people to continue wearing masks, maintaining physical distance and sanitizing hands. In addition to it, you should also focus on nutrition and a healthy diet to continue building immunity. And here are a few reasons why you still need to build your immunity even after getting both vaccine doses.

1. New virus variant:
In December 2020, the media reported the first variant of covid-19. Since then, many new variants have been identified in regular researches done by scientists. So the question arises, will the COVID-19 vaccine be effective on the new variants? Laboratory studies suggest that current vaccines may help reduce the severity but might not provide complete immunity against these new variants. Meaning you have a chance of contracting any of the virus variants. The best way to prevent this is to keep following the coronavirus safety precautions and focus on developing your immune system.

2. Not 100% effective:
So, will the country be safe and covid free once everyone is vaccinated? Few vaccines have a high rate of success in preventing the illness or reducing the severity of it. It is a fact that vaccines cannot be hundred percent effective against the virus on an entire population. The clinical trials of various vaccines show 90-95% efficacy, indicating that the vaccine reduces your chance of contracting COVID-19. There have been instances of people getting detected with the COVID-19 virus after getting both doses. Therefore, vaccinated people still need to follow safety protocols. The vaccine prevents the severity of disease, reducing the possibility of being hospitalized. Having high immunity further improves your chances to fight against the COVID-19 virus.

3. Other diseases:
Your immunity helps to fight any harmful substances, germs and viruses entering the body. So your immune system allows the body to fight microbes and acts as the first wall of defence in your body, not just when the coronavirus is concerned. Therefore, to not contract any disease, you must take measures to boost your immune system.

4. Protecting the community:
The only way to end the COVID-19 pandemic is to reach the state of herd immunity. Herd immunity is a situation where a massive section of a population gets immunity against a disease. As a result, the whole community is under protection from the disease, not just the few who are immune. Even if you are vaccinated and might be safe from a severe illness due to coronavirus, the people around you aren’t, so you are responsible for keeping them safe too.

While it is inevitable that vaccines protect you against the severity of COVID-19, you must still build your immunity, follow COVID-19 protocols, and have good health insurance to be financially and physically prepared for any medical conditions or diseases coming your way.

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