Two Fastest Free Diet Plans In India For Effective Weight Loss


How are you all doing?  My Realization was that most of the people are looking for free diet plans in India for effective weight loss. The conclusion of all the diet and health related discussion turned out to be that there are two diets which are the most effective ones in losing weight, one the most popular, Keto Diet and other one, the plant based diet.
Let us talk Keto diet for vegetarians and non vegetarians-

There was a time when I was a big fan of Keto (Atkins) diet as I had managed to lose 40 kilos weight by following low carbohydrate diets but later I could not find it sustainable in Indian circumstances. You can read about my experience here….

It was not only my experience but we see so many celebrities also trying to lose weight with the help of Keto diet. Keto when followed along with intermittent fasting can be a super duper successful in shedding extra kilos fastest. Read our blog on actor Ram Kapoor and his weight loss story here…

If you are a meat lover and can eat meat and eggs on a daily basis, then you can get wonderful results by following the zero carb Atkins diet. Check all about Atkins diet here…

Keto fans can find recipes here… , Here… , and here… If you like pickles and want to pep up your meals, check out the home made pickles recipes here…

Weight loss on a Keto diet becomes easy and quick with non vegetarian food but for vegetarians, it is a little more difficult and taxing as meats are usually zero carbohydrate foods while vegetarian food items are not free of carbohydrates. For Vegetarian Keto diet plan, you can check out our blog post here…

The million dollar question here is regarding sustainability of achieved weight loss goals as my personal experience tells me that for Indians, it is not a sustainable weight loss program. Read my experience here…
Plant based diet for sustainable weight loss

After talking about low or zero carbohydrate diet above, let us see which one is the second diet that can be addressed as the most sustainable and effective diet, especially for Indians. It is the plant based diet which can be called a sustainable weight loss diet.

Interestingly plant based diet’s basics cannot be ignored even if one is following a keto or low carbohydrate diet plan. A plant based diet is comparatively low on calories and high in fiber. The high fiber content keeps stomach full and satiated for a longer period. Being low on calories and dense in nutrition, the plant based diet plan is the best sustainable way to lose weight. There are a few things to keep in mind to utilize plant based diet to the utmost sustainability.

  1. Start step by step as giving up on your favorite foods can be overwhelming in the beginning.
  2. Include superfoods which are nothing but regular foods with better nutrients. These superfoods can be millets, nuts, seeds, green leaves, and fresh vegetables. Consuming them in measured amounts keeping control over portions can see the wonderful weight loss.
  3. Always drink ample amount of water. When you feel hungry, try drinking water first. It is a proven natural way to fill up the stomach and preventing yourself from over eating later.
  4. Ensure a protein source in all meals. Egg, soy, or dal is the easiest way to ensure protein in any diet.
  5. Go for a rainbow colored diet. Read about Rainbow diet here…
  6. Reduce oils in meals as much as possible.
  7. Eat small portions and never skip meals.

One most important thing to remember is that the short-term goal is not going to fetch results. The real mantra for sustainable weight loss is focus on clean and healthy eating. It is a well known fact that with the exception of vitamin b12, a human body can get all kinds of nutrients from vegetarian sources. Some good plant-based protein sources can be nuts, soya, and chickpeas. Similarly omega-3, zinc, iron, calcium, and few other micro nutrients are all available from plants. All you need is to have a plate full of rainbow colored vegetables and fruits.

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