Tossing and Turning at Night? Eat These Wonder Foods Before Bed for Deep Sleep

Being able to sleep as soon as you hit the bed is a blessing. But there are many people who experience trouble falling asleep. There are several reasons that can cause sleep deprivation, such as stress, exposure to light and lack of consistent sleep schedule. There are also beverages such as tea and coffee that activate the body and prevent a person from falling asleep. Luckily, there are also food items that can make you hit the bed sooner and help you be sound asleep. If you are one of those who struggle to fall asleep, read ahead:

Warm Turmeric Milk: Drinking a warm glass of golden milk can make you feel calmer and induce sleep. It is said to reduce anxiety and have soothing properties which can make you fall asleep easily.

Chicken: The meat items have a high amount of tryptophan which is an essential amino acid that can help you sleep. Chicken as well as turkey are both rich sources of protein. You can understand why you feel weary and sleepy after eating a meat-based meal.

White Rice: This food item which is rich in carbohydrates has been found to induce sleep. Research suggests that if foods with higher glycemic index are consumed one hour before sleep time, then they can improve the quality of sleep because a study found that people with higher rice intake sleep better.

Chamomile tea: The honey-coloured beverage contains apigenin which has been found to promote sleep. Apigenin binds to some receptors in the brain. This action reduces anxiety and promotes sleep. The quality of sleep has also been found to have improved in people consuming chamomile tea.

Bananas: Another rich source of the sleep inducing amino acid tryptophan is banana. 11 milligrams of tryptophan is present in a medium-sized banana and the fruit also contains magnesium. Both these nutrients can help you fall asleep easily as magnesium activates a calming mechanism in the body.

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