Seven ways to lower your cancer risks

As everyone knows, cancer is quite dangerous and can lead to death. This is the reason that many individuals specifically opt for a cancer cover with their health insurance policy. But it is pertinent to mention here that merely subscribing for a cancer cover is not adequate. You also need to pay attention to timely health insurance policy renewal for continued coverage. Cancer prevention tips can be quite misleading at times. You may have noticed that different people and websites have different approaches and opinions towards cancer prevention. But, it is quite evident that the kind of lifestyle you lead has a very high impact on cancer prevention. So, just a few changes in how you lead your life can prevent cancer by a lot. Following are a few straightforward ways to prevent cancer: –

1. The fact that chewing tobacco makes you highly prone to cancer is not new to people. Using tobacco in any way, like chewing it or smoking it, etc. is highly hazardous to your life. Consumption of tobacco in any form can cause several cancers like lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, cancer of the larynx, cancer of the pancreas, etc. chewing tobacco can cause cancer of the mouth and pancreas. Secondhand smoke that you can get by even staying in the vicinity of smokers can also cause lung cancer.

2. Obese people are also quite prone to cancer. Maintaining a healthy weight also reduces your risk of cancer. Physical activity is essential and can help keep your weight in check. Try getting at least 50 minutes of exercise to gain healthy weight. There are other ways in which you can maintain a healthy weight, and that is by maintaining a healthy diet.

3. A healthy diet is vital. It can help prevent cancer. A healthy diet includes different types of fruits and vegetables – eat green vegetables, eat nuts, eat light foods. Drink moderate amounts of alcohol if you have to, limit processed meats in your diet, also food with olive oil decreases your chances of breast cancer.

4. Too much sun can also make you vulnerable to the risk of cancer. To avoid these risks, avoid the midday sun, try staying in the shade, try covering all your body parts, and use a good sunscreen.

5. Your dose of vaccines must be completed. Protection against viral diseases like hepatitis B or human papillomavirus (HPV), is also considered prevention against cancer.

6. Some things must be done for general health. These things also act as preventive measures of cancer. Other than maintaining general health protocols, you must make sure that you practice safe sex and don’t share needles for any reason.

7. Make sure to get yourself checked from time to time. These checkups give you a rundown on your general health and can point out even the minutest problems. You should get this exam done at regular intervals, especially after the age of 30.

Cancer is a deadly ailment. Mentioned above are a few effortless ways in which you can become less prone to cancer. Some cancers cannot be avoided, but taking precautions to prevent the ones that you can is essential. Make sure that you pay attention to your health insurance policy.

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