PUBG Mobile India: Battlegrounds Mobile India new teaser, PUBG Mobile vehicle

UAZ, which is a Jeep-like off-road SUV, has two different configurations, one with a covered top and another without.

Lakhs of PUBG lovers in India are waiting eagerly for the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile India, but the final launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is still not announced by game developer Krafton.

The pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India are on and Krafton is making full use of the hype around PUBG Mobile India to tease various features of the upcoming game. In the latest video teased by Krafton, the company has revealed a popular vehicle from PUBG Mobile India.

Since the pre-registration began, the fans of the popular game PUBG Mobile India are waiting for its launch. Relaunched as Battleground Mobile India, the pre-registration began on May 18 and recorded some staggering numbers as 7.6 million users registered on just the opening day.

While the speculations of an official launch date are still rife as many suggest that the game could be launched on June 18, but the pre-registrations hit a new high as they hit 20 million on June 1, in the span of two weeks. It is probably the result of the long wait the gamers in India did after the game was banned by the Government of India (GoI) in September last year due to security threats when India and China were going through a border conflict.

Now, speaking on the fabulous response the game has got, Tarun Gupta, Founder of Ultimate Battle, India’s first-ever one-stop online esports platform, said, “We’re looking forward to the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India which is expected to happen by the third week of this month. The pre-registration phase has marked great success with 20 million Indian gamers which will continue to grow. We can easily forecast that the game will have above 50 million gamers in the first quarter of its launch. The cult for this enormous success came as it’s the favourite game of Indian gamers which is making a much-awaited coming back. The game is surely going to revolutionise the Indian gaming and esports scene, it’s simply history in making to fuel the Indian esports ecosystem.

A video has also been released by Krafton asking PUBG Mobile India fans to pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India . In the video, which was teased on game’s official Youtube channel, Krafton has teased a glimpse of UAZ with the text “Do you remember? Driving around the hills of Erangel”.

The caption read: “Keep your seatbelts fastened! The vehicle advantage is all you need for ruling the Battlegrounds! UAZ holds a special place in our hearts and we cannot wait to drive around in the Battlegrounds!”

UAZ, which is a Jeep-like off-road SUV, has two different configurations, one with a covered top and another without. The SUV has space to seat four players, or a full squad.

PUBG Mobile India has also released the first map Erangel. It is spelled as ‘Erangel’ and not ‘Erangle’, as seen in a previous teaser.

It may be recalled that PUBG Mobile India was banned in September 2020 by Indian government over data privacy concerns. The pre-registration for Batlegrounds Mobile India started for Android devices on Google’s Play Store on May 18. Krafton recently announced that Battlegrounds Mobile India has received 20 million pre-registrations in India.

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