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Precautions to Take For Your Bike in Monsoon

Monsoon prefaces an ideal fit for a biker’s dream for a planned respite out of the city hustle. Although the season is arguably the best one for bikers, it is also irreversibly lethal primarily due to torrential downpour and fog – that can create scenarios prone to accidents.

Can you get cover from bike insurance?

If you go through the available bike insurance online India , you will find the comprehensive coverage benefits that do provide insurance against damages caused. Although there are variations to the two-wheeler insurance type, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance does cover for damages caused due to natural calamities, accidents, and any human-made crimes. Bike injuries are automatically provided against bodily injuries incurred by you, any third-party (victim), or property damages.

So, if you have a comprehensive bike insurance policy subscribed every year, any costs produced due to any mishaps would rid you of any unprecedented financial distress. Additionally, it also provides legal protection where it covers legal fines alongside a personal accident cover.

In what ways does the monsoon affect your bike?

Two-wheeler performance is likely to fluctuate during monsoon since monsoon has severe effects on most vehicles. The damages caused can be fatal and dangerous unavoidably.

Here are some problems bikers are likely to face in the month of monsoon:

Engine and brakes suffer a breakdown
Bike imbalance while encountering potholes causing severe damages
Bikes skid and tires puncture
Rain can be corrosive, forming rust and damaging vehicle exteriors like levers and chains, causing the vehicle to stop working
Rain can be detrimental to headlights, tires, brakes, and also the air filter.

Tips to ensure rider safety during monsoon

Rain and moisture are corrosive and can cause external damage to your bike. Although two-wheelers have rustproof bodies, the metal frames, however, aren’t. To propel protection against dampness, you can coat the metal frames with anti-rust protection paints.
If you are parking your bike during monsoon, try looking for covered space. Try and avoid rainwater since the water is collected inside, can cause severe electrical disruptions.
Travelling while it rains hardly covers your ride, but you can provide maximum protection with rain-proof covers. They can be useful even when you don’t find a shaded parking space.
Water tends to rust hinges, lever, and chain, which can be detrimental to vehicle movement. You can oil these parts to allow mobility amongst these parts and keep your two-wheeler function. Additionally, coat your battery terminals with grease to stop moisture percolating inside.
Brakes can get unresponsive due to water damage, making them slippery, jammed, or rusty. If these conditions persist, it can result in undue fatality. Also, try not to hit your brake too hard when riding on a slippery surface since it will cause your bike to skid on the surface, causing some severe damages.
Keep checking your tires and see if they still can maintain grip while standing on wet surfaces. If you notice tire balding, consider changing them immediately. It is also recommended that you keep the PSI level lower than the prescribed level.
Moistures keep causing air filter blockages. You can keep cleaning the air-filter periodically to avoid any such discrepancies.
Lighting is essential, especially when you are riding through a torrential downpour. Be sure to check the lights before heading out. Alternatively, you can also put reflective stickers to help other drivers see you on the road when the light and visibility is low.
The motor insurance act makes it mandatory to have basic insurance. But try to buy a comprehensive two-wheeler policy that covers protection against third-party liability charges, theft, personal damage, and vehicle damage.


As the adage goes, “prevention is better than cure”, the best follow-up for you to do is deploy these precautionary measures to avoid any uncanny instances happening to you and your vehicle.

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