Not Men, Women on Top in Buying Health Insurance

Now, insurance companies in India must understand women buyers and their needs related to health insurance coverage. It has been observed that females are only decision makers when it comes to the purchase of 55% of healthcare plans and are partly involved in case of the leftover 45%.

Generally, majority of women initiated the buying procedure and it shows their independent nature. It means that buying process of all Mediclaim policies involve women. In fact, this trend is rapidly increasing since last three years.

As per reliable reports, women are searching for higher sum insured. Growing stress level and changing standard of living among other factors have exposed women to developing various health problems.

Health insurance claims related to maternity have seen a high percentage of claims across urban areas for women in the age group of 18-40 years. Today, people are very aware about the importance of Mediclaim policies.

There has been an increase in the overall trend of preferring a higher sum insured. In this situation, gender may not have an important role to play. People who live in metro cities opt for higher sum insured and family floater policies are being selected over individual healthcare plans.

But, many women do not have a clear vision about health insurance policies because too many financial products in the market results to confusion. Usually, buyers believe that new born babies or in-laws are not insured under Mediclaim policies. Insurers need to know that females have certain expectation about health coverage, including personalized services.

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