Lying By Omission? We May Never Get “The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth” Ever Again

i lately read one of those thought-upsetting articles which are so right at hitting that special subliminal candy spot it is answerable for opening the floodgates to insight and its creative aha moments.

the object is titled “The video selfie that modified the world” written via Shelly Palmer, the 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 Tech and digital media guru.

the article is set the young lady who commenced a live broadcast from fb on her phone, in her automobile, as her boyfriend lay loss of life shot with the aid of a policeman. the world watched as he unluckily and conspicuously died while the phone streamed it live for the arena to peer.

i am sorry for her loss. i’m sorry for her boyfriend and sure, i’m sorry for the policeman.

the article isn’t best about that. it is approximately facebook and its new stay streaming alternative.

With that stated:

This isn’t a political article.

this text will function a caution to the world that the 4th horseman of the apocalypse has arrived.

You had Social media, cameras on the phone, movies on the cellphone and now you’ve got live declares, thru the facebook, at the smartphone.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to cover.

“All massive truths are personal truths. As they emerge as public they end to come to be truths; they become information, or at great, part of the general public man or woman; or at worst, catchwords.” T. S. Eliot

Very risky and nebulous instances. The button is pushed 15 mins after a specific, possibly incendiary, state of affairs begins and then the live broadcast starts.

is this new edition of mendacity with the aid of omission the brand new reality?

We may additionally by no means get “the whole reality and nothing but the fact” ever again.

what’s the huge deal?

The difference among stay broadcasts vs. recorded broadcasts is that with recorded pronounces:

1 – you could continually cross returned and observe the recording and

2 – with cameras on homes, lamp posts and in the hands of different human beings you may get the possibility to see a state of affairs from all angles, or even get to the truth of the scenario and now not just someone’s biased “reality”.

although someone desires to edit it you’ll be capable of get it from other assets.

you have got options. these are the operative words: you have got alternatives.

With stay pronounces: you simplest get one choice and also you handiest have a fleeting second to absorb the “fact” and unluckily the biased thoughts’s eye sees what it wants to see. there is no going back.

you haven’t any options. these are the operative phrases: you don’t have any options.

it is the “street” facet of it. What about the commercial enterprise and private aspect of it?

My recommendations, and i realize i’ll get heat for this:

a – do not allow mobile telephones in any assembly you go into. Why?

One example, just One: Secretly streaming live to someone outdoor of the meeting could produce text messages to the opposing team that has facts that creates an unfair advantage for them and ones that paintings towards you.

live broadcasting is fraught with manipulative and deceptive genes and it’s your responsibility to fulfill with everyone inside your limitations and borders to come up with new regulations of engagement to deal with the “4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

b – All mobile telephones need to be checked and close off on your administrative center. The corporation has telephones. The time has come, and now more than ever, to don’t forget the clever smartphone a frenemy and a bit too clever for its own precise.

c – Video, images and now live streaming. defend your house and defend your commercial enterprise. My mother continually insisted that I put on smooth underclothes. Her rationalization: You just never know. i’m telling you presently: constantly anticipate that there’s a digicam on you and conduct yourself hence. You just in no way know. again, now greater than ever.

A wholesome dose of paranoia as a safety measure, will move a protracted manner in defensive your life and your livelihood. it is no longer an choice anymore. it’s your fiduciary duty to implement and explain the ramping up of the precautions that are wanted, to the human beings to your success aid community and beyond.

Do it now… Be proactive. the next day is bringing many more challenges

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