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Keep these essentials in your two-wheeler riding kit at all times

In a busy and constantly moving country like India, most of the population uses two-wheelers as the daily mode of transportation. Regardless of whether you ride your two-wheeler every day or just a short trip to a grocery store, it is a good idea to carry some essential items in your two-wheeler riding kit. This includes everything from motorcycle replacement parts, first aid kit to important documents and 2 wheeler insurance.

In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to put together a riding kit that will be an excellent aid in chaotic situations.

1. Keep the basic spare parts:

You should always have some vehicle spare parts and equipment handy so that you can be the mechanic of your two-wheeler during an emergency. A few extras to have in your tool kit are a screwdriver, a headlight bulb, and battery fuses.

2. First-aid kit:

First-aid kits have always been prioritized when driving vehicles, but how many of us religiously carry them? If NO, then pack one today and take it the next time you leave your home on your two-wheeler. Some fundamental essentials must be an antiseptic solution, bandages, pain relief sprays, and painkillers. However, this kit is to be used only on minor injuries like cuts and scratches. In case of significant damages from accidents, approach for assistance and go to the hospital right away.

3. Accessories for personal protection:

Riding on a bike is not a fun game each time. It can get tougher with distance and situations. It is dangerous to ride a two-wheeler without wearing a proper helmet. A full-face helmet should always be part of your riding kit. Also, ensure to kit up appropriately with something that is breathable and will keep you at ease. Hence, have a decent quality sunscreen or scarf to protect your skin from exposure to the sun, dirt, and pollution.
Besides, staying hydrated throughout the day is important and neglecting it while riding isn’t an option. So, having a water bottle on your bike is always a good idea.

4. Necessary documents and paperwork:

Traffic police regularly drive campaigns of checking the legal papers. If found riding without legitimate documents, you can face the consequences by the authorities. Therefore, when travelling on your bike, it is mandatory to have a Rider’s Driving Licence, Registration Certificate, PUC Certificate, Fitness Certificate and a valid 2 wheeler insurance policy.

It is believed that ‘life is always better on two wheels’. However, in a country full of turns, traffic congestion, narrow lanes and potholes, the possibility of vehicle breakdown is a prime concern among two-wheeler riders. So, if you think that you’re a pro rider, you’re also not completely safe on the roads. The above essential items are for your convenience on the road and quick-fix minor issues when they arise. Keeping these points in mind, put together your necessary bike riding equipment, ensure your bike papers, including valid 2 wheeler insurance before you kick-start the bike next time.

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