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How to sell your bike at a good resale value

Your bike reminds you of road trips with friends and many other memories. But after a few years of use, there comes a time when you realize that you don’t really need it now. Either you’ve outgrown your bike, upgrading to a four-wheeler or for any other reason, you have decided to sell your bike.

At this time, you want a good resale value for your bike and the key to a good resale value is finding a genuine buyer who can pay the highest price for it. But, before that, there is a crucial step of valuation to determine the offer you expect to get.

Read ahead to know what you should keep in mind while selling your two-wheeler at a high resale value.

Valuation: Numerous factors influence the value of a used vehicle. Several websites and tools are available online to calculate and provide you with an approximate resale price for your vehicle. You may also go to your local garage and ask for their opinion on the matter.

A few of the primary deciding factors are age, model, kilometre run, insurance record, ownership (whether it’s first-hand or second-hand), overall condition of the vehicle, and engine. Always remember that getting a good value for your bike depends on the bike’s physical condition and your negotiation skills.

Documentation check: To get the best valuation of your bike, ensure all the documents like the registration certificate and bike insurance policy are with you. The documents transfer process should be conducted in the new owner’s name as soon as the payment is made.

Along with the RC and Bike Insurance Policy, the other required documents are Road Tax Certificate, Form 28 – Application, Grant of No Objection Certificate, Form 29 – Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle, and Form 30 – Application for Intimation and Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle.

You may visit your nearest RTO office for further details on the matter. You’ll be given instructions to send certain documents and forms to the authorities, thus intimating them about the change in ownership and sale of your two-wheeler. You shall receive an acknowledgement providing that you submit the authentic documents.

Timely transfer of the mandatory third-party liability is essential. If the sold bike is involved in any accident and the insurance is not transferred, the original owner is held liable.

Finding a buyer: The most important thing for a good value is finding a buyer who is willing to pay you a good amount for your two-wheeler. There are two good options you can choose from to find the perfect buyer:

1. Local garages – It is an old-fashioned way of reselling goods, still one of the quickest to avail cash. The advantage of selling your bike at a local garage is that the finalization of the deal is often done the day you walk in. It is generally preferred to sell a thing locally to avoid processing fees.

2. Online Markets – It’s becoming another popular and easy way to sell your old bike. There are multiple websites like OLX and eBay wherein you can upload a few pictures plus provide an in-depth description of your vehicle, and the interested buyers contact you.

Always be patient and wait for a few good offers while selling your bike. You might have to deal with a rookie with no knowledge, like a first-time buyer or an expert in the field who regularly deals with such negotiations. The key here is your negotiation skills. So be confident about your vehicle and your valuation, and you will surely find a good deal.

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