How to prevent two-wheeler theft?

Two-wheeler thefts are very common. Bikes or scooters parked without proper safety can catch the eyes of thieves giving a chance to steal them away. You would never want your prized two-wheeler to fall victim to the cunning thieves. You can never predict the mischievous mind of the thieves, but you can safeguard your two-wheeler from getting stolen. How can you keep your bikes safe from theft?

Here, we have five important tips for you to prevent two-wheeler theft.

1. The handle of your two-wheeler should always be locked

The majority of people usually take this thing lightly and don’t lock the handle of their two-wheelers. Although handle locks are not considered fully safe, if your two-wheeler has different ignition and handle locks, it definitely falls under your favour. Remember that locking the handle acts as the first wall of defence against thefts.

2. Lock your two-wheeler with something heavy

For a gang of masterminded thieves, it is a cakewalk to tow your two-wheeler easily and disappear. To prevent this, lock your bikes or scooters and anchor them to something rigid and heavy. This way, you can put the thieves in great distress and disappointment too.

3. Quality external locks can be the saviours

Purchase premium-quality chains and external locks that can be tough to be broken. The material of the chains and the locks must be so strong that even after trying multiple times, the thieves should ultimately drop the plan of stealing your two-wheeler. Preferably use multiple locks, and if possible, use a lock that comes with an alarming buzzer.

4. Stay alert and cautious

Sometimes, we need to think like a thief to crack his mind. Usually, thieves keep a close watch on the two-wheelers that stand at the same location daily. They swiftly note down all the key points like the timing of you returning home and then plan a perfect time to grab an opportunity to steal your two-wheeler. So, you need to be careful and try to cover your two-wheeler with a cover to avoid the unnecessary attention of the thieves. Also, opt to park your two-wheeler at different locations, or well-guarded locations, if possible.

5. Insurance can protect you from loss

Buy a comprehensive insurance plan for your two-wheeler to ensure that there is no financial loss even if your two-wheeler is stolen. Two-wheeler insurance can allow you to claim your money in case of theft. You just need to register an FIR and later submit it to the insurance company along with other policy papers. Due to the ease of the internet, you can easily buy two-wheeler insurance online. Not only it is convenient and fast, but in some cases, the additional cost is being waived off in buying two-wheeler insurance online.

On a conclusive note, you need to be vigilant enough to outsmart the thieves. Follow the aforementioned tips to keep your two-wheelers protected from getting stolen. Also, don’t forget to choose two-wheeler insurance for financial security and peace of mind. Your two-wheeler is your responsibility, be a responsible owner and do the best that you can to keep your bikes or scooters safe.

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