How to File Auto Insurance Claim?

In India, the concept of filing auto insurance claim is considered as an oxymoron but still auto owners buy online vehicle insurance plans with a though that someday they might have to claim it. The ease of filing a car insurance claim and the promptness in which the insurance companies in India processes the claim are an essential criterion when they customers decide which plan to purchase.

What is a motor insurance claim?

Online auto insurance claim is a formal request submitted by the insured person to the insurer asking for certain amount of payment as per the conditions mentioned in the policy. Then, insurer reviews the claim to ascertain the validity of a claim before it approves the claim.

Trust your Insurer

Majority of policyholders blame insurers for not giving satisfactory payments or for not approving their claims. But, people should know that insurance companies in India are strictly bound by rules and so are insured people if they really want their claims to be honored quickly and easily.

Policy document clearly states that the insurer is not at all liable to pay in case the driving person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving or does not have a valid driving license. Read the policy document carefully and adhere to the mentioned rules.

Tips about auto insurance claim process

Consider below mentioned things to make a difference while filing a claim:

Avoid Delay

It is obvious that person would be highly shaken after an accident but pay attention to filing a claim once you get the proper medical help. It helps insured to get his or her dues quicker and also helps to settle your and co-passenger’s medical expenses. It proves helpful especially in case of third party liability. Most insurers have toll-free numbers where insured can contact them at any time.

Be Ready with Policy Documents

Keep a record of the FIR copy in case of an accident or some emergency repair is needed for a vehicle or policyholder has to pay some injured person’s medical expenses. Maintain record of the bills for later use.

Good Track Record is Must

Timely premium payments and honest information are two important things that help in auto insurance claim. Avoid fraudulent claims irrespective of how lucrative they may look.

Check out claim process on company website and if required, then contact the representative of the insurance company in India. Nowadays, insurers offer all kinds of assistance to their clients.

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