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Horn Please! The reasons why we Indians love honking

While many of us barely use it, still a majority of people honk, mainly out of habit or impatience they have while driving. They consider it as essential as the accelerator pedal. You’d still see a truck on the road that says “Horn Please”. Do Indians really love honking? Fancy modifications like pressure-horns or a songs’ beats in horns make it feel like an irritating musical jam happening on the roads.

Apart from that, some of the drivers tend to express their moods on the roads. For instance, if they fought at home or were fed up with their work in the office, even a small thing like your building’s watchman making a delay in opening the gate, their aggression comes out with excessive honking.

Some drivers commonly use honking as a replacement for pressing the brakes. And it has become a habit of theirs. We have become accustomed to this unsafe behaviour since it is so firmly fit in our brains.

But if we look at how people commute on Indian roads, honking seems reasonably necessary in some cases. For example, you may be in a situation where several cars from all directions are passing you by, the only way to prevent or discourage an aggressive defaulter is to honk. Add to that, people who casually stroll down the busy roads, utterly ignorant of traffic, only honking can alert them.

Many drivers hold false thinking of invincibility when they think that they’ll rule the traffic by honking. So their vehicles equipped with a loud pressure-horn try to blow through halted traffic. Here, the problem lies in the misconception that a vehicle in front of you would move and allow you to pass by the moment you press the horn. But the reality turns sour when this false impression results in accidents, significant vehicle damage, and in the worst-case life-threatening injuries. Two-wheelers plying on the road are most vulnerable to these situations. So, get yourself an ideal 2 wheeler insurance online to secure your vehicle and life before getting on the roads.

Honking is a severe issue, and the country is taking various steps to tackle this harmful problem and creating awareness about driving etiquette.

• State Governments are setting up and supporting ‘No Honking Zones’ at many crossings and places.

• Governments, NGOs, and other institutions around the country are running campaigns to make people aware of the hazards of Mindless Honking.

• New electronic signals are installed that extend traffic’s waiting time if they recognize mindless honking.

• The pressure-horns are banned in many states, and use of it will cost you a heavy penalty.

The noise pollution resulting from aggressive honking can severely affect mental health by creating spikes in adrenaline levels. Our duty as responsible citizens of the planet is to be aware of the mindless honking and the ways to reduce noise pollution. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. So let us begin with this profound road etiquette and make India Less Honky!

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