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Here’s a guide to help you start your bike rental business

‘Big business starts small’ – wise words by Richard Branson. If you plan to become your boss, a bike rental business can be a good venture. A rental bike allows people to ditch cars and public transport without owning a motorcycle or being bothered by bike insurance, storage, and maintenance hassles.

In recent years, the opportunities and demands for a bike rental business have increased considerably due to the convenience of two-wheelers. With just a helmet and a 2-wheeler, a person can go around the city efficiently running their errands; or take in some fresh air on an empty highway.

Now that you are ready with your business idea let’s proceed to the next step. We have brought together these seven easy steps to help you start your bike rental business.

Step 1

Plan – ‘A target to accomplish without a plan is just a dream!’
• Estimation of setting up your business

• The business operation cost

• Potential customers (set up the target audience and promotion offer accordingly)

• Method of business (hourly or daily rates, whether or not you will sell bike-related merchandise, policies concerning damage caused, etc.)

• More profits (consider extra services, like bike sales and repairs; if in a tourist place, offer tour guides)

• Name of your business (what’s there in the name? Your brand, logo, website, etc.)

Step 2

Tax – ‘Pay for doing the right thing!’
Register for taxes; your small business will be taxed depending upon your business structure (e.g., LLC or Sole Proprietorship.)

Step 3

Bank accounts and credit cards – ‘Start your financial journey!’
A business bank account separates your assets from your company’s assets. Similarly, getting a business credit card will help you separate your business and personal expenses, and it builds your company’s credit history, allowing you to acquire your investments later.

Step 4

Daily cash flow and expenses – ‘Maintain a proper business account!’
Keeping track of various expenses and income is crucial to understand financial performance. It also simplifies the tax filing for you. Carefully manage the cash flow, make all entries and maintain a daily account sheet.

Step 5

Legal requirements – ‘Keep the books clean!’
Get your company’s name registered, obtain GST, PAN card, trademark certificate, and other prerequisite licenses and permits to avoid any fines or legal issues in the future.

Step 6

Insurance – ‘Keep your umbrellas ready before it rains!’
Similarly, for your firm’s financial security, it is necessary to get the right business insurance. There are several types of insurance policies designed to cover different risks. For the growth of a bike rental business, the security of bikes makes a huge difference. With the rising operation cost of the bike rental business, having robust bike insurance plans helps you overcome financial risks related to your bikes.

Step 7

Move online – ‘Make the internet your new market!’
Maintaining a good website and the social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram will help your business to grow with more user engagement. In addition, you can flash special offers, exclusive deals, trade merchandise as a part of your marketing strategy to draw more sales.

For running a bike rental business, you need to have mechanical skills or hire at least one full-time mechanic. Remember, a nonoperating bike won’t earn you any money. Also, a significant amount of your customers can be tourists, so you should be well acquainted with the location to build a good customer relationship. Follow your passion and work in the direction of making your vision a reality with this quick guide.

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