Five Mistakes to Avoid for Successful Car Insurance Claim

In case of accident, person may feel confused and commit few mistakes which may cost auto owner on car insurance claim. Initially, the claim process may appear irrelevant and easy. But, it is documentation and data which would help insured claims to accelerate the process or safeguard policyholders in court in case of serious cases. Below are few mistakes which auto insurance policyholders have to avoid:

Conceding flaw

There are chances that motor insurance claim adjuster can protect insured against the guarantor of other driver if policyholder has conceded shortcoming effectively. Regardless of the fact that person knows whether it was his or her fault or not, so let your insurance service provider deal with the ‘fault’ in the accident.

Not Clicking Pictures

Attempt to click a picture of the exact situation of the accident and do not forget to take each of the four sides of a car. This task help policyholders to accelerate the tactic as mentioned before and protect insured in case of legal action.

Not Informing the Police

If you do not contact a cop in case of accident, then you will not be able to compose an authorized police report, FIR. Therefore, give a call to police as early as possible after car accident and get your FIR copy done.

Lack of Important Details

After accident, car owner is busy with getting the other driver’s details such as name, permit plate number etc. But, it is essential to get other information too. There are few facts which person may be overlook is the model, make, owner’s name etc. Insurance companies in India consider this information when car insurance policyholder makes a claim for the accident.

Not Contacting Your Insurer Immediately

It is good to inform your insurance service provider immediately after accident and report about the incident. Once insurer approve your car insurance claim, then insurance companies in India will take care of the expense of harms.

Now that we have read about various mistakes to avoid while filing car insurance claim; view, compare and buy Car Insurance plans online from the best Car Insurance companies in India.

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