Five Misconception of Health Insurance

Some people hesitate to purchase health insurance online because of some misconceptions. These myths create confusions over what to purchase and how to use such plans. But, recent budget session has declared various reforms related to mediclaim policies to improve insurance customers to select the best health insurance which would fit them. Below are some myths related to healthcare plans:

  • Myth 1

Those who have already been covered under employer’s group health plan, then they are not eligible to claim for another individual health insurance in order to avoid excessive premium rates as well as to reduce the financial burden. And, buying healthcare coverage at the time of retirement is very expensive.

  • Myth 2

Majority of people think that smokers and alcoholics might be exempted from seeking coverage for themselves. But, it is not true at all. Insurance companies in India offer mediclaim policies to such set of people only when they undergo a health checkup and qualify for the insurance benefits.

  • Myth 3

Some youngsters do feel that they don’t need health insurance because they are fit. But, you should understand that health hazards never come with prior notices. Due to increasing medical costs, buying online healthcare plans is necessary to manage finances.

  • Myths 4

Insurance comes into play only when policyholder gets hospitalized. This concept is completely wrong. There have been many improvements in the health industry due to adverse effect of technology. Today, health insurers provide coverage for such hospitalization and even for doctor consultation fees.

  • Myth 5

Sometimes, customers think that everything is covered when they buy a health insurance policy, but it is a misconception. Always provide correct details while filling up the application because in case you are found to mislead any detail, then application may get rejected. There are strict guidelines for claims which insured can make during the first six months.

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