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Do helmets really save lives? Here’s proof

Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for two-wheeler riders to wear safety helmets. According to the law, the helmet must also have a thickness of 20-25 mm and be made of high-quality foam. It should also be ISI-certified and adhere to the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Now the question you ask: Do helmets save lives?
According to recent research published by the United Nations, at least four out of every ten motorcyclists killed in road accidents might be spared if they wore proper helmets. The UN Motorcycle Helmet Study further points out that two-wheelers are one of the most dangerous modes of transportation, stating, “Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in a traffic collision than drivers of passenger vehicles. Wearing a proper helmet increases motorcyclists’ chances of survival by 42 percent and prevents almost 70 percent of injuries.”

In India itself, effective helmet use can save at least 15,000 motorcyclists in India each year. The traffic discipline on Indian roads is annoying to most good commuters. Even though you follow all the rules, lack of lane discipline, over speeding and jumping the red signal light by the defaulters around you cause a higher risk of accidents. So while you are cautious on the road, getting an extra layer of bike insurance protection is always recommended. If you haven’t bought one, purchase bike insurance online for your vehicle to remain extra safe on uncertain roads.

Why don’t riders wear helmets?
Despite these facts, people neglect to wear a helmet citing the many excuses such as; heaviness of it, narrowing view, neck pain, or hair loss because of it. But they should understand that the advantages surpass the disadvantages in these cases. Some individuals avoid wearing helmets in their community by lanes, but they fail to realize that accidents do not always happen at high speeds. People have died from severe head injuries after falling off a two-wheeler at low speed. Furthermore, several incidents have occurred when bikers met with accidents due to potholes on the roads. Also remember, not everyone travels at 20-25 kph.

Quick tips before you buy a helmet?
By now, you’ve probably recognized that wearing a helmet is an essential part of your safety routine. So here are recommendations to help you to get the appropriate helmet:

• When purchasing a helmet, look for one that has the ISI mark on it.

• The ISI marking on a famous helmet brand assures that it can withstand the forces generated by accident and protect your head from damage.

• Only buy helmets from well-known manufacturers.

• The helmet’s fit is essential, so get a helmet that fits your head tightly

• Ensure the protective padding within the helmet, which absorbs the power of an impact.

With a good helmet, a good bike insurance plan is what you also need to have. You can go for bike insurance online and select the best one with an attractive premium and features. You always look fabulous on the bike, but safety comes first. So, be cool, wear your helmet!

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