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Constructing your dream house? Make these suggestions a part of your strategy

It is our lifelong emotional dream to have a home for us. It is where we make the most memories with our families and cherish them for the rest of our lives. So, have you already decided to build your house? Congratulations to you on your decision!

But you can’t imagine a piece of land as your home as it requires a lot of planning and proper construction. It is advisable to hire professionals as you will spend your life savings on this one project. In this article, we have put together some suggestions to help you design and construct your house.

1. Decide your budget:
The crucial aspect of constructing your own house is the budget. Your budget should be precise and inclusive of the expenses involved, from laying the bricks to finally stepping into your newly constructed home after completion. Remember, after building your house, you should have enough money to support a comfortable living for your family.

2. List the space requirements:
Have an idea of how many bedrooms you wish to have. What should be the appropriate size of your living room and kitchen? Will you need a separate kid’s play area or a pooja room? Listing all the requirements will make the design work hassle-free, and the blueprint of your house can be accordingly finalized.

3. Hire an architect:
Find a good architect by looking at some of the portfolios online to better understand their expertise and intent. Then, make sure that the architect offers you the best suggestions for your house. An architect will,

• Make a few designs for you to select from.

• Supervise construction periodically.

• Check and certify the contractor’s bills.

• Prepare structural design, Bill of Quantities (BOQ), cost estimates, drawings for approval to the authority, a tender document with T and Cs.

Always sign a formal contract with the architect specifying responsibilities and payment of the architect and associates.

4. Concept Phase:
Finalize the architectural design and appoint an interior designer if necessary. Based on the designer and finishing, you can get a better idea of the final budget.

5. Detailed design:
The structural engineers and electrical consultants will develop the designs and details based on architectural drawings. So it becomes convenient for these people to arrange for the materials and manage the required manpower. A detailed design also helps decisions regarding the flooring materials, ceramic fixtures, CP, fittings, requirements of light points, internet, ceiling fans, etc.

6. Approval from the authorities:
It is essential to obtain prior approval and sanctions for the drawings prepared by the architect. Make sufficient copies of the drawings as these will be required to get power, water, and sewage connections.

7. Tender phase:
The architect prepares a tender document to get the best prices and shares it with a few contractors. Then, you can meet the contractors to negotiate further and discuss essential points like the date of commencement and completion, terms of payment, any additional requirements, etc.

Once the construction phase gets over, the finishing stage commences. Now, collect all the documents related to the project, such as architectural, structural, and services drawings, warranties, final bills, and other necessary documents.

It feels incredible when you see the steel bars, layers of bricks glued with cement taking the shape of your house. You will feel accomplished by observing your progress because just thinking of building a house is itself a bold decision, and successfully making it is even bolder!

There is much discussion on how to construct your house, but what once it is ready? How will you ensure its security? For this, you can go on the web and search for a ‘general insurance online quote’ and buy the most suitable home insurance to secure your priceless possession financially.

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