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Best Tips: Choosing the right colour for your car

Getting your new car is one of the significant milestones you may think of. When choosing the best model for you, various factors such as price, functionality, car insurance, etc. are considered.

However, another crucial factor is the colour of your car. The colour reflects your personality. Before you go ahead and make your big purchase, here are few tips to consider when picking the right colour for your car.

1. The resale value of your car: You will be surprised to know, but the colour of your vehicle affects the resale value. White and silver usually get a higher resale value than other colours.

2. Model: Another parameter is checking the variant. Not every colour you pick will suit the model of your car.

3. Red is not expensive: One of the common myths is red has a higher car insurance premium. This is entirely not true.

Always consider your car’s purpose before finalizing the colour. Every colour might not fit your personality. For example, a politician or bureaucrat having a bright colour car seems bizarre to many eyes. Now let us look at the trendy colours, including those that’d look best on you and are perfect for your requirements.

1. Metallic: Metallic colour cars tend to be beneficial in the long run and make your car valuable. The colour is mainly known for its dependability and value to help get higher resale value and save you substantially.

2. Blue: Usually, blue refers to the “common man’s car,” but the new metallic options available in the market look excellent for working professionals. It is recently the number one choice for female drivers who need a cool look. As they say, “Blue is cool”.

3. Throw off your attitude with the perfect black finish: Black is one of the most popular colours for any car. Known for its elegance and rich look, the black colour gives the vehicle a perfect attitude when you are on the road.

4. Get Sporty with orange and other bright colours: Bright colours, including yellow, green, or orange, always look super cool on your sports car. However, choosing it for your commercial vehicle can always not be a good idea.

5. Chic and Sleek with white: White is yet another safest colour for cars. It is a neutral colour and suits the best on commercial vehicles. Also added to a sport or luxurious vehicle with the perfect tinted glasses and chrome finishing, white makes your car classy!

6. Romantic with Red: Red is a popular and influential choice with a bit of romantic touch. However, keep in mind that red does not fit every model.

There is no such colour as “perfect”. Instead, based on your personality and preference, you can pick one that looks the best for your car. When choosing the perfect colour, remember that scratches and dirt appear higher on specific colours and may end up ruining the overall look of your car. Also, reconsider the darker colours for your vehicle if you live in a hot weather city, as it results in heating up your car quickly.

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