6 Truths about general insurance you must know

Simply put, general insurance includes all personal insurance plans except life insurance. All of these plans aim to provide coverage against different unforeseeable events in your life and thus, protect your finances. Read on to find out more about general insurance plans and what they can do for you.

1. Coverage

General insurance plans are created to cover every aspect of your life – from health and travel to motor and house. You can even insure your business and shop. With Magma HDI you can even get a public liability insurance with essentially covers you against legal liability arising from property damage of or bodily injury to a third party at your premises (school, office, restaurant etc.)

2. Customisability

We all have different needs, and general insurance plans take the initiative to help secure us against risks that are most pertinent to us. You could design your own insurance safety net depending on your personal needs and finances.

3. Covering multiple risks

Many general insurance plans offer comprehensive services that make it easier to get extensive coverage without having to scout for different insurers or having to deal with the hassle of paying multiple, hefty premiums. For example, a home insurance policy will protect you from various hazards such as fire, floods, theft, riots, etc. under a single plan.

4. Flexible benefits

Many general insurance plans offer all-encompassing benefits that are not restricted merely to a single individual. For example, a family floater health insurance plan provides coverage for your entire family in a single policy. Similarly, commercial insurance will cover multiple risks arising from theft, damage to goods/ stock, machinery breakdown and even risks arising from a vendor’s end. This is a great option to increase your savings and minimizing your work as you would only have to deal with a single company for all your policy benefits.

5. Tenure

While life insurance plans have longer validity, most general insurance plans offer protection based on a yearly renewal. Certain types of insurance, such as motor insurance may offer a longer tenure, say up to three years with a lucrative discount on the premium. However, this feature allows you to play a more significant role in deciding the period of your policy. You also have the option to switch insurance providers at the time of renewal if you feel dissatisfied with your current one.

6. Additional benefits

As an incentive to their customers, general insurance plans come with a host of benefits available to policyholders at a nominal fee. While some are in the form of value-added services such as the provision of rent for alternative accommodation in case your house is damaged, others may be personal accident covers for complete coverage in the event of a motor accident. You can pick and choose while buying/ renewing your policy.

The escalating costs in today’s world have made general insurance plans a necessity for every individual and a vital part of any successful attempt at financial planning.

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